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The site is toured by the Atlantis submarine, allowing tourists to view the reef.  The top of the reef is about 50 feet, where large schooling fish can be found.  The Atlantis operation provides food stations on the reef, so the fish are quite tame and will swarm around divers. There are several varieties of anemones on the reef and sponges and soft corals make this a very interesting dive.  From time to time, there are several nurse sharks that can be seen around the feeding stations.  If you are in a private boat or coming from the beach, please advise the Atlantis crew that you would like to dive in the area before submerging.  The submarine itself is interesting to look at, but due to safety concerns with the thrust motors being outside the hull, do not get closer than 50 feet.


+1 670 285 3253


+1 670 483 9645

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