Diver Information

Speedy Turtle Diving Center holds NAUI PRO-PLATINUM rating. It is the only Russian diving center on the Mariana Islands.

All instructors are certified under NAUI and PADI systems. Alexander Vekhov – General Manager and Chief Instructor is certified NAUI Course Director. He has right to instruct and check new instructors.

Speedy Turtle is proud to be the organizer of expeditions to unmanned north islands of Anatahan and Pagan.

What is NMDOA?

NMDOA is the non-profit organization established in 1989 to promote safe diving on Mariana Islands and protection and preservation of the underwater world. The association unifies 21 dive centers. It, with support from local Government, declared rules of protection of marine life and environment.


From caves of Obyan Beach to wrecks of Tanapag lagoon, various wonderful Saipan dives sites are waiting for you. Everybody can select something suitable for own interest and diving experience. At the north-east tip of Saipan is the Grotto - rightfully rated as one the best dive sites in the World.


To the south of Saipan is the island of Tinian.  Fantastic wall dives, relics of WWII, marvelous marine life in set with excellent visibility without any doubts will be greatly appreciated by amateur and professional underwater photographers.


The Island of Rota is located 70 miles to the south-west from Saipan.  It is famous for the most clear water (visibility up to 100 yards) in Micronesia, a great opportunity for underwater photographers.  At favorable maritime conditions, you can enjoy cavern, wreck and wall dives.  The majority of dive sites are located around the island, therefore boat rides are short to arrive at your dive destination.  The best season for diving on Rota is from April to August.

Tips for divers

Batteries – to avoid problems with chargers, bring your own batteries for torches, cameras, computers and other electronic and electrical devises. 

Towels - bring towels to dry off and warm up after night or morning dives. 

Miscellaneous – for your convenience, we recommend using a dive bag for your dive gear. Do not forget sun block, sandals and motion sickness medicine.


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